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Right now, I think we have three full-time cruise specialists as members (including the staff) and a couple more who dabble in the biz part-time like me. Plus I am recently retired but that also means I have a fixed income.

I like to go with at least a balcony cabin, and lately have gotten into the suite life although I know it is probably not a sound financial decision. We've had one inside cabin in our cruising history. It wasn't bad but I still like some natural light so we haven't returned to an inside. I am a bit claustrophobic so having at least a window makes me feel better.

Value-wise it is hard to beat booking an inside cabin. As Sonny notes, the primary things are a bed and your own bathroom. Once you leave the cabin it doesn't matter. And booking insides (or lower level outsides) means you have more money left and that means you can cruise more often. I have an owner's suite for our upcoming Alaska cruise. For the price I am paying we could have taken two Caribbean cruises in regular cabins. This is our first time to Alaska and I wanted something special (plus the extra cruise credit for booking a suite!).