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Be cautious, there are reputable pharmacists there and like everything else in life there are those out to make a dollar with no qualms about how or who gets harmed in the process. Where there is no regulation there is abuse. The Rolex you buy at the pier looks just like the one at the jeweler back home as well to the untrained eye. Personally I'll pay the difference, I only have one me and one family. I can earn more money, I can't replace me or my family members if something I bought on a street corner causes a reaction or does nothing when I need it to recover. If it does cause a reaction the medical care needed to fix the problem may dwarf the cost of the savings.

You certainly all have the right to your own decisions here but remember how high the stakes are if your gamble results in one of those 20/20, 60 Minutes episodes previously posted.

Cheers, Neil