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hi guys, from an Irish point of view, tipping just isnt standard in Ireland, well thats not correct it would be for an evening meal but most certainly not for a taxi or God forbid in a bar!!! The minimum wage here is 8.65 euro per hour. And I would think that alot of people in bars here would be on more than that. It actually might be no harm to have a lesser wage and let the barman 'earn' his wages by being courteous etc.

While on our cruises I of course tipped the staff and gave extra to our waitress who was the nicest person to us, she was so accommodating and nothing was ever a problem. I think the head waiter does NOTHING and even though I tipped him out of guilt I wouldnt tip him again to be honest. He just waltzs around and I felt we got way more attention from our waiting staff.

So in short tipping is not customary in Ireland or the UK, however it is tradion to do it in the USA. However after an evening meal most if not all Irish would tip something.

Its just one of those things, and the Irish taxi drivers would nt expect a tip, they get quite a hard time here actually and they're always complaining, Im just back from a short trip to the UK and the taxi drivers were so nice, got out of the cars opened the door, put my bag in the boot, and then at the end of the journey took out my bag again, really nice fellas - you wouldnt get an Irish taxi driver doing that! He'll just talk and talk and talk and talk....