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Hi LI_Pets, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Congratulations on your upcoming cruise! Your kids did a great thing! I assume you'll be on the same itinerary we were on, Nassau and Coco Cay. In Nassau, grab a cab over to the Atlantis. You can walk around the Atlantis for free, then there is a free beach adjacent to the property (Cabbage Beach). Coco Cay is their private island, there's a nice beach and snorkeling available. The ship's crew man the bars and they have a bar-b-que. I believe parking at the port is around $20/day, but since you won't be gone long, it's not a bad deal. At least they have some patrols and it's a secured area. We didn't do any of the specialty restaurants, so can't help with that, but the food in the dining room was great. The main buffet has wonderful sticky buns for breakfast. The ship is easy to get around and clean as can be. The crew were very friendly. Word of warning-cruising is addictive Best wishes for a fantastic cruise!