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Hi, Well it seems you are determined to put off anyone booking with Royal Caribbean, and if I hadnt cruised with RCCL twice before and now booked on their Oasis of the Seas for 2010 I might be tempted to recheck a few things.

If Im honest I found the cruise experience with them fantastic, I am only 32 and never thought cruising would be for me, thinking I was too young and not the stereotypical cruiser but boy was I surprised with the fantastic service, food, staff and excursions. RCCL are out to make a profit just like every other guy in business, so what if there excursions are a little more expensive, no one asked you to go on one, you could have booked one yourself at the pier, I dont remember anyone holding a shot gun to my head to take one of their excursions, or to eat in Portofinos. Neither did they hold that gun to my head to carry around a novelty soda bottle, if you had bothered to read things more carefully you would see that you can use your soda package in the dining room by just showing your card, and indeed if you showed it on the first night, your waiter would be 'that' attentive that you wouldnt need to show it again as he would make a mental note of it.

I dont like people that moan, complain for the sake of it.. I think you grossly exaggerated your claims and I think that your attitude probably didnt help you in your 'guest relations' I know if I had someone like you at 'my desk' I wouldnt be too forthcoming either.

Do me a favour and dont bother cruising again, I think it would be in your best interest to book into that new Hotel in Dubai, maybe those prices and extravagant food might keep you quiet.

I dont normally get this ratty and I have no affiliation with RCCL but when I see staff breaking their *** with 5k people and turning a ship around in a few hours ready to meet greet and smile all over again for another bunch of holiday makers, I feel they are short changed by people like you.

Enjoy Dubai