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Hi Merky and first mate,

Where in the UK are you from? I graduated high school in Knightsbridge in London and lived in Putney Hill. I really loved living in London. Been back to visit and I never get bored over there. Your itinerary sounds wonderful. Let me know how you enjoyed your excursions, it will give me insight of what I may want to look into next year. The only excursion I did that was the same as yours was the Haleleakala crater. It looks so surreal. I tried to talk my friends into taking the bikeride down the crater but no bites. I will do that next time.
You will love the Old Lahaina luau. The ambiance is surperb. Sorry about my spelling, I type to fast and should really look for my mistakes. I can understand your thoughts about driving on unknown territory and there's something to be said about things being taken care for you! If you taxi roundtrip from the port to the luau, I heard it is very costly, maybe $100.00 range? They have Maui on your own as part of NCL excursion, at least that will get you there one way. I looked online before I went and I found the "Maui Bus" run by Roberts Hawaii. tele# 808 871 4838, or or public.transit@co.maui, It states the bus service does not stop at the Kahului airport but from K-mart(rte 1 & 2) and from Wal-mart (Rte B,C & 2) it approx. 2 miles from airport. Judging from the map it looks like you want to take rte B from Kahhului to Lahaina. There is free shuttle from port to either k-mart or wal-mart or perhaps both. It will drop you off to the wharf cinema ctr. in lahaina. I am not sure in relation to the luau where it is located, but people can help you find it. At least it will save you cab fare one way. Lahaina is a bustling whaling village area with lovely shops and restuarants. I believe they also may have a free trolly that will take you a little more north to Ka'anapali beach which is a pretty beach. The times deport between 5:40am to 5:33 pm so you can go early and enjoy your day in Lahaina before the Luau.
If you have a chance taxi to Iao valley in Maui. I'ts a site not to be missed. It's a very short distance, maybe 6 miles from the port. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at
Again have a wonderful vacation!