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I think it's kind of refreshing that there are some lines that cater to the very formal and at least one that is more casual and others heading that direction. NCL has tightened their freestyle clothing requirements recently but what is so terrible about jeans? I'd rather not have ball caps in the dining room and don't really want to see shorts or tennis shoes either. Jeans however can be quite well dressed up. Guess that makes my southern roots and lifestyle a little apparent. Ever seen a country music award show? Ever see Foxworthy and a few others on stage? You'll often see jeans and boots with a sport coat or nicer. A bolo tie instead of fabric one? I've lived the majority of my life in jeans and boots. I have some exotics (Aligator, Ostrich, Shark, Stingray, lizzard, etc) some probably cost in excess of any dinner jacket or tux in the room. I'm comfortable in them, I don't feel I am under dressed in them. A former employer of mine was invited to the last Inauguration for our current President. He wore gator boots, a western cut tux with string tie and a custom embroidered cumberbun with the state of Texas Seal on it. Topped off with black 40x beaver Resistol cowboy hat. He was seated for dinner between Alan Greenspan and the owner of Discount Tires. No jeans but the look would have worked well with them for just about any other event and a cruise dining room as well in my opinion. I know there are those out there reading this laughing and thinking I've lost my mind, I've seen the looks from those outside the south, southwest and parts of the west. New Englanders deffinately think we belong out on Halloween in such a get up. But isn't part of cruising being exposed to different cultural experiences? We have our own culture in parts of these regions. I don't laugh at those who wear the dinner jacket that look like wanna be Hugh Heffner's at dinner or the prom and bridesmaid dresses that are getting another go around. Well... I don't openly laugh, I might inside.

Cheers, Neil