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My first cruise was on the QM from the UK to NYC in the 50's - we had flown from the US over on a PanAm Stratocruiser,my second cruise was on the Homeric from NYC to Bermuda in the early 60's.
My dad had extensive foreign business interests. Both my parents cruised extensively as did my grandparents. My greatgreatgrandmother was a Captain's wife and she accompanied my greatgreatgrandfather at sea for many years on the clippers in the days of the china tea trade. Family records indicate nautical involvement since the 1850's!!

I love islands and the sea - unfortunately I got quite impossibly seasick on a small Destroyer Escort (USS Coates,#685)in the North Atlantic as a ROTC Midshipman sending me into the USAF for a career!( I beat the draft- I enlisted for OTS!)

I have cruised extensively over the years on many ships, many of which are now cruising among the stars. Of Ports, Bermuda is a long time favorite and I visit there every third or fourth year! The longest time between cruises since the 2nd cruise occurred while I was in the USAF and it was 13 months!

My S.O. was a Scottish Lassie from Dundee, Scotland related to Samuel Cunard and from a family of shipwrights and explorers. Her greatgrandfather was with Capt. Scott aboard the Discovery in the 1901 expedition to the South Pole. She passed away from lung cancer this past April! We met on a cruise, she was a USAF Widow - she immigrated to the US on the QM in 1948 - we started off with the USAF and the QM in common!! Our last cruise was last October to Bermuda aboard the NCL Dawn.It was a perfect cruise!!!!