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Thanks sooooo much for your response. We are new at the college registration game. We are dealing with a UC out here in California, and I didn't think they would help us. I don't believe there is a pre-registration or phone registration and our student didn't have an advisor yet. However, based on your suggestion, I contacted a couple of people we'd come across at the orientation. I explained our travel situation and the bind we were in (especially since they had told us they would register students for classes at the orientation a week earlier and then did not do that).
Well, with a few long distance phone calls while we were traveling across the country to catch our ship, we were finally able to hook up with someone who did register our student for classes by phone. Without explaining all the background details...lets just say that the situation created a lot of tension for our family right up until the day before our cruise, in Florida. After that, and because of your suggestion that we pursue a 'pre-registration' solution, we got the relaxing family vacation and bonding that we had needed and hoped for.
Thanks again!