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We are on the FOS in a week and we are in two grand suites.

I ordered a romance package for me and my husband which includes champagne, snacks, etc... I also learned that some friends ordered champagne to be delivered to our rooms each night. Plus, I ready somewhere that because we have grand suites, we will also get champagne and snacks from the ship.

My question is: will we get everything that was ordered, the items in the package and the extras that go with the suite or will we lose the extras associated with the suite? Does that make sense?

I have a list of what the friends ordered and what nights they should be delivered, plus I know what the romance package includes...but not sure exactly what the suite includes. Does anyone know?

Don't want to miss out on anything. Spent a lot of money for the suites and want to make sure we get all of the "extras". Also, who would I notify on the ship if something is not delivered?

Thanks for your help.