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Hi golfer68, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Sorry no one has answered your question, yet. And I can't be of much help either since I haven't been on that itinerary. If you speak the language, you probably will not have much trouble going on your own. Normally, if we've not been to a port before, we do a ship's tour for a few reasons: we may not speak the language, we don't know what the crime rate is, we don't know how far different sites are, we don't know what the cab rates are, and we don't want to miss the ship. On one of my cruises we visited Caracas, Venezuela. It was about a 2 hour ride on the bus into the town from the port. I was very glad we took a ship's tour, the crime rate was very high. One of the guests was mugged and some of the other passengers foiled the attempt. Going to Caracas, we saw people living on the side of the mountains that were lucky to have cardboard to keep the torrential rains off of them. They were using paint buckets for their drinking water, catching the rain water in them. They had pits in the ground that they threw wood into for a fire. They used those for heating and cooking. Then we arrived in Caracas, with marble streets, gold around the fences, very metropolitan city with subways, rapid transit, and loads of shops. It was definitely an eye opener. If you're going to go off on your own, make sure you have done your research. You will be in foreign countries with laws different from the states. Hopefully, someone who has done this itinerary can tell you the best places to go off on your own. Best wishes and have a fantastic cruise! Once again, welcome aboard and stay safe!