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Me again. After I wrote my message, I was discussing this with my husband. He said that he thought if you bought your air tickets from the cruise line, regardless whether you had insurance or not, they would assure that you got on the cruise. Even if you had to meet the ship at the next port. That is what I thought, too.

I just read information regarding this in both the RCCL and Princess brochures. Both indicate they are not responsible if you arrive at the cruise port too late. With RCCL, it states that if you bought CruiseCare insurance, they will reimburse you up to $500 for catch-up transportation, as long as the airline delay was caused by covered reasons. I couldn't find a similar statement by Princess, but it's probably there somewhere.

At any rate, Rwiebe, I learned something today--unfortunately it was at your expense. I am glad you wrote about this. Good luck with your letters!