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Hi myboo, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Congratulations on your up-coming cruise! What a wonderful ship you have selected to make it your first voyage. Of course, she'll spoil you for any of your next ones. And, there will be more to follow, because cruising is addictive You're on the Aloha deck, which is a great location. The balconies are supposed to be larger, but I really didn't notice that much of a difference. However, it very convenient to the buffet You will also have less traffic since it is a cabin only deck. Here is a link to some of my pictures, if you care to look. Just click on the Emerald Princess and then click on slideshow or start slideshow, something like that. A little further down on our main page, is a FAQ section, that lists dress codes for most of the cruise lines. No shorts, t-shirts, flip flops allowed in the dining room at night. You have quite a few dining options. You can do traditional seating, Anytime dining, or either of the 2 specialty restaurants. I believe Sabatini's was $25/pp and the Crown was $35/pp, somewhere around there. Be sure to visit the International Cafe on the Plaza deck, they have some pastries and sandwiches that are free, plus they have some items for sale. They have 9 types of gelato daily, 3 scoops for $1.50(or it was $1.50 when we went). Also, a little further down the page are our port chat sections. You can use your "find" feature, type in your ports and it will pull up all the posts about them. Maybe there is something that will be of interest to you. Can't comment on the teen center, we didn't use it. I have heard very good comments, though. I believe they can go into the SkyWalker lounge until 10pm, too. Best wishes and have a wonderful cruise!