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I went on a cruise. I had a single occupancy.
I went went friends who went double.
I was surprise to see how much more the cruise was. I called and asked why, they told me that
ALL the rooms are double occupanies. I told them not true. My room was made for a single
occupany. There would be now way another twin bed would have fit. My twin bed did.

SO other friends are going on another cruise and now they are losing money with me. I told the cruise company how I think it is unfair.
I am NOT asking for a suite or balcony room.
Just a small cabinet as I had.

So now with the money that they lost, plus, the
money I would have spent on board.

Sad...if I lived near a port I probably could get a discount at a very reasonable price.

I heard that once a boat is ready to pull out and the ship is not can bargin and get a great deal. The ship is going to go regardless and they would rather have somebody pay something than have an empty room.