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Prices are similar to bar prices. Beers are 2.75-3.25 depending on selection. Well drinks are 5.00-6.50. They always have the "drink of the day". It consists of usually rum, and fruit... Pina Colada, Bahama Mama, Poco Loco... You get the point., The bar tenders, pool waiters will be pushing them all day, and they usually come in a souvienr glass. Those are fairly good size and usually sell for 5.00-6.00, and you can keep the glass. You can get a bucket of 6 beers for usually around $18.00. They fill a bucket with ice, and you take the bucket. I have heard of people bringing beer on in their suitcase, and pouring liquor in a gatoraide bottle, and packing that as well with plenty of success. You can also purchase liquor in ports of call, and walk them back on the ship in a back pack without any problem. Keep in mind, if you purchase bottled liquor in the gift shop on board, you must pay a "cork fee" to drink it on board. (they want you to buy their drinks) Use your imigantion, and be creative, and you will probably save some big $$$$'s Have a great trip!!