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We went on the Western Caribbean Mariner Cruise (Nov. 2004). It was great! You have every right as a parent to be concerned and worry about your children. I can only tell you that my son and nephew (both age 10 Ĺ at the time of cruise) went wandering around without adult supervision. I was not worried about abduction or it not being safe. I gave them walkie-talkieís when they were out and about (and not at camp-which by the way they absolutely loved!). We would check in occasionally if we had not seen/heard from them. They loved the freedom that they felt by not being supervised-and believe me they were all over that ship! They even showed me how to get to the front point of the ship. They absolutely loved the cruise and canít wait for our next one (Freedom of the Seas this Nov.). Just have the kids keep checking in with you and have them stay together, and everyone will have a great time!