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Dear Myboo,

I am sure someone with a teen will respond to advise you about the teen centre. However, I can definitely left you know after Xmas as we will be crusing on the Emerald this upcoming Dec 20 and we will have 4 teens with us and two pre teens ( 2 families cruising). So if no one responds before then, I will do so then as you are not going til April. From being on the Crown this past May which is identical essentially to the Emerald, we did note there was a great hot tub at the back of the ship in the teen club and it did not get used because there were no teens on the ship so we used it with our 11 year. Princess always does things up hight quality so yout teens should not be concerned. I have found with our teens (again both families) that kids have to participate in the teen club to have fun. The cruise is what they make it. There is always dancing in the clubs and kareoke and movies, etc...). Our boys and girls have always had a blast and as you can see cannot wait to set sail again in December.