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My husband and I did the Photo Safari By Land and Sea out of Juneau in May. We really enjoyed it. The first stop was Mendenhall Glacier. We got some great shots of the glacier, closeups of a nearby hedgehog, and took a short walk through a wooded area. The guide took his time and suggested a few closeups of trees, foliage, etc.. The down side was we did not walk close to the glacier or the waterfall like our tablemates who went on their own. To us that was not a big deal, but may be important to others. After the glacier visit, we drove to a marina and boarded a small boat. We got pictures of seals, whales, sea lions, and eagles. My all-time favorite was a shot of a buoy with an eagle on top, sea lions on the bottom and a whale spouting nearby. I do not know if that was out of the ordinary to see so much wildlife, but I must say it was the most memorable of our excursions and the photo I show most often. I hope you enjoy Alaska as much as we did.