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We have done this trip many times and also spent months driving around Italy (were just there in May). The train from Livorno takes about 15 min to get to Pisa with the total train time to Florence about 1:10 (this varies slightly with the train). It is possible to do both Pisa and Florence,, but many would counsel to maximize your time in Florence and not waste your time in Pisa. You will have no problem with train tickets since most of the trains on this route do not have reserved seats. You can buy tickets at the Livorno station at the ticket window or at the self-service machines in the station. Make sure you validate your ticket before you board the train (you stamp it in a small machine located near or on the platform). The biggest hassle will be getting from the ship to the train station in Livorno...since most taxis will not want to take the short haul. You sometimes need to be a little assertive with the man who helps assign the taxis..and all will be Ok.