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Originally posted by tncruiseman:
The color system for disembarkation is basically an "honor system" to make disembarkation smoother. It is correct that colors are called as luggage delivery to the claim area for that color is complete. I call it an "honor system" because no one knows what color tag you have because those tags are already on your luggage. If they would go to a 2-part tag and make you present it before exiting, things might go a little smoother.
tncruiseman, you make an excellent point. In most ports getting off before your color is called gains you nothing because your bags simply are not there for the picking up and your presence in the baggage area just adds to the confusion.
The ribbon idea is a good one also, especially as the large ships, like Liberty, there is both Green and Lime, Look in both sections. And when you can't find it quickly there are usually people to help and an area where the tags have fallen off.

We couldn't find my Wife's bags last time, and they had some expensive stuff in them. She had new luggage. I didn't remember what they looked like. We asked for help and several baggage area workers started to look for Blue Suitcases, when we found them they looked black to me. My wife informed me they were actually a dark navy blue. I suggested the next time we lose them call them black because that is what they look like.