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Falmouth is a tender port (more about that mess later) and is a delightful smallish tourist town not too far from Lands End. So, what to do? The place is pretty isolated and of course you could elect to take one of the overpriced ships' tours or you could even arrange to hire a private tour company. If you want to rent a car its a bit of a problem since the local rental car dealers continue to refuse to provide cars near the tender pier or even downtown. You tender into a small marina that is located on the edge of town, and if you want to go off on your own (this is what we did) you can simply walk from the tender pier through the grounds of a condo complex and into the village. If you walk through town you will come to another pier where they have various boat and ferry trips to a few nearby places. We grabbed an old small wooden ferry to the nearby village of St Mawes and really enjoyed just walking through this tiny village, enjoyed the landscape, and the hiking paths. There is also a small castle in this village although its now some kind of museum. We took the ferry back to Falmouth and found a wonderful fish and chips place in town where we ordered for take out. We than went across the street to a local bar/pub (they invited you to eat at their tables) where we enjoyed the fish and chips with a few lagers. I should add that the Brits actually swim in this part of England (they do have some rocky/sandy patches they call beaches, but I would think the water is a bit cold.