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We went on Zuiderdam early this summer and we had a lovely time. We thought the food was quite good. I especially loved having my breakfast brought to the room each morning. I felt like a princess. The specialty restaurant was good, but I doubt that we would do it again because we liked the food in the dining room just as well.

We had a balcony cabin and it was wonderful. Our relatives had an interior cabin which we thought was slightly larger than ours and nice as well.

Tipping seems like a lot when you see it in one lump sum, but the employees work so hard for it. Ideally, the cruise lines would pay them a living wage, but for now, this is the way they get paid. When you think you are tipping the ones who wait on you hand and foot about $3.50 a day, it's a bargain. We tipped extra to our favorites at the end of the trip but they really deserved it. I liked having the majority of the tips put on the account because it meant we didn't have to travel with lots of cash.

It's possible to remove the tips from your account, but I can't recall who you see to do it. I'd go to the front desk and ask.

I have to tell you how much I LOVE London and every person we've ever met there. It's an amazing city.