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Originally posted by Cruise Fanatic:
Coke is a money maker for them just like it is for any restaurant. Can you imagine the waste if it was included. You'd see glasses all over the place with two sips out of it and then left. It disgust me everytime when I see a tray of food left where the person took three danishes and took one bite and left the rest. Or the breakfast plate left with a pile of bacon, or the plate left with three whole hotdogs.
Cruise Fanatic,

From a restaurateurís point of view, we don't see that as waste. In the stomach or left on the plate makes no difference in terms of revenue.

You plan for excess and waste and build it into your pricing structure. (In this case the price of the cruise.) What am I going to do with a hot dog that has already been cooked?

Because someone is nice enough not to take it doesn't save me anything. I will have to throw it away or the staff may eat it.

I know it looks bad, but you should see what gets thrown away in the back.