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Thanks janfred, I wasn't sure about the taxis as I parked in the city garage across from the pier as I was only going to be aboard for 4 hours. Come to think of it I sure don't recall any of them driving past the check point on the pier.

I'm sure dealing with that wasn't much fun at all.

I guess I am missing something with them doing this this way as it doesn't make much sense to me. Instead of paying "Lancaster Tours" or whoever they are paying for the shuttle service, just put a big tent up and let the people walk over, and then go through security if that is the issue. Heck, give them some Water or Sweet Tea while they wait and welcome them to South Carolina!

Sorry if I am overly passionate about this. I campaigned for so long as many others did for Carnival to bring a year round ship here and now they can't get the logistics worked out more favorably for guests? Then again I also heard it was some type of Port Authority thing.

I am sure they will "Git 'er fixed" eventually. Things just move a little slower down here is all I know.
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