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I guess I need to add my two cents to this discussion! RCCL booked us on American for our cruise last November. The flights home were a nightmare (no fault of RCCL). Get this--we arrived at Ft. Lauderdale airport and got our boarding passes and then went to eat lunch. Our daughter noticed that AA had us on a flight that would arrive at O'Hare (our connecting city) ten minutes AFTER our connecting flight departed! Unbelievable that neither the computer nor the ticket agent picked this up!

We called RCCL and they worked with AA to get us on a flight leaving out of Miami in about 90 minutes. We had to get a taxi to Miami, pay the driver a huge sum to get us to the airport within 1/2 hour, rush through security, run to the gate, only to find out the flight had been delayed 2 hours!!! As it turned out, after all this, our connecting flight in Chicago was also delayed and we made it, without our luggage of course!

We received no snacks on the flights. They ran out of box lunches, and we were thoroughly disgusted with the whole thing. We have frequent flier miles accumulated on AA, but they are certainly not our airline of choice. According to reports we have read, Northwest has one of the highest incidences of lost luggage and late arrivals, so I guess we just aren't impressed with the major airlines!

Our favorite airline? AirTran! They are fantastic. Rarely are the planes late, you receive free snacks on each leg of your trip, the employees are extra friendly, and the planes are very clean.

As with any business, there are going to be people who prefer one company over another, but if you can fly AirTran, I would highly recommend them!!