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I have heard that Mr. Kloster sold his company sometime around the late 1980s to some investment group or another. Is this true? If not, what was the real reason for his decision to sell NCL in the first place?

I have to assume that Mr. Kloster deeply regrets selling NCL to begin with. I don't believe that he would have imagined his company going into decline since he sold it. In addition, Mr. Kloster never thought that the SS Norway would be neglected throughout the years until the boiler room explosion. Probably regrets not doing a full engine conversion to diesel back in 1984 or 1985, like the QE2.

It must really makes him very angery that his beloved ship was forced to the beach by a company that has no regards for anything.

The NCL that he created would never had sent the SS Norway to the scrapyard. Nor would they had neglect the ship and its upkeep.

I know exactly how he feels. The NCL of today is not NCL. It's Star Cruises of America.

Who on earth ever advised Star Cruises to go after NCL Holdings in the first place? Was it Colin Veitch?

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