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If you are flying and have some large luggage I highly recommend the Luggage Valet Program. We used it last week. Well worth the $20 per person fee. This covers two bags per person. The ship printed out boarding passes, luggage tags, and delivered them to the cabin. Our luggage was sent directly to the airport and the next time we saw it was at our final destination. All the bags arrived with no problems.

Things to note: The program is not available at all ports. The ship only prints boarding passes for those you list on the form, which means they charge $20 for those people too. If you have 4 bags or less, just use enough names to cover the bags you have. Print boarding passes for the others at an airport kiosk or at the ship's internet center and save yourself some money. The main thing here is to get the baggage handled without having to pick through your color code in the cruise terminal or having to lug it to the airport.