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Originally posted by frodosmom:
I have done both. I feel that there are more similarities than differences. My RCCL cruises were ten and fifteen years ago to the Carribean. MY Carnival cruise was three weeks ago to Canada. (enjoying a cruise on the first day of school the year following my retirement from 34 years of teaching.

I worried about this cruise because I thought that Carnival was going to be substandard compared to RCCL. (We chose it because of time and location.) The Victory was a beautiful, clean ship with wonderful shows, large well kept cabins, and the smoothest ride I've ever had.

My only complaint was that I felt the food should be hotter.

I did, however, really enjoy the Viking Crown Lounge on the RCCL ships.

Otherwise, you'll have fun regardless.
Based only on rumors (since all I have cruised is Carnival) I get the feel that the differences between RCCL and CCL is really all about the ships. Folks know that I cruise and I get asked about it alot when seeking "advice" and I find myself recommending a "ship" rather than a cruise line when asked about RCCL or CCL.

I have a friend that is going on the Enchantment of the Seas next month. This will be her first cruise and while I am a huge Carnival fan....when you balanced all of her "factors" (embarkation port, length of cruise, ports visited etc) this RCCL ship was the best fit.

So when looking at these two mass market cruiselines, I encourage folks to look "deeper" past the line and to a specific ship.