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Originally posted by Didikay:
Crazy. My husband also contracted Hep B many years ago.He was also clean in the same areas as you. The only thing that we and the doctor had come up with as the cause was oysters. He had eaten oysters from I think Apalachicola Bay in West Florida. It can happen. He took awhile to mend, a couple of days in the Hospital and Hep B shots for your wife or significant other. I happened to be pregnant at the time.
well i didnt go , neither did my kid. i just took the lost,well some good news my blood count #sare going down from a very serious high level.some days are better then others, like yesterday andddtoday not good.not eating much, tried of everything. still felling weak, etc. but when better and time allows i will hit the sea once again. my wife told me that mc donalds took down some of the playgounds around here to due finding number of needles in the plastic balls the kids play in? makes you wonder what kind of world we live in when youre kids are at risk.i started feeling lazy after my trip out west , when i got back i was so tired all the time , i thought it was form the long trip 5000 miles in 9 days is alot of doing reststops ,motels etc, i had a incedent at a mexican restruat, whan i got back home, i had to complain on the waitress he might have spiked my food ? they prob dont have green cards or shots of any kind.but therer tamales where good i could be down another 2 to 4 months or longer, i missed going on the cruise.