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Similar to porkchop's experience......We disembarked the Carnival Glory on Saturday and no "comment" cards were available!!

Welcome back Billy and porkchop!

Sorry, I didn't see this until now. Hope you both had a great cruise! I love the Glory! The first time I didn't think I would as I kept getting lost with the dead end decks. After the second cruise she really grew on me.

I think they started this process of winding down the comment cards a while back. One quirk about it I've heard is they only send one to the person who's name is first listed on the booking instead of everyone in the party/cabin.

This new process should prove to be a more accurate feedback method though. Oftentimes guests were influenced into marking everything "above/exceeded expectations" by the crew. I normally marked "met" my expectations. Well, except the Carnival Pride..It truly did exceed my expectations.