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My family and I are looking to go on our 1st Cruise from the Dec 26th - Jan 2nd. on the Carnival Victory leaving from San Juan going to the Carribean. My parents are traveling with my little brother 14 and I will be traveling w/ my husband and 5 yr old. Since we have never been on a cruise I have been trying to read reviews and want to make sure we choose the right boat for our 1st trip. We have also looked at the Adventure of the Seas w/ Royal. There is a price diffrence and want to know is there really a diffrence. Some people have said the quality of Carnival is less then Royal. Some have said Carnival is to Party so now we are getting worried. If I can save a few dollars and use it towards other parts of the trip and know I will still be in a clean nice room then I know Carnival. I also just want to make sure I am not boarding like a college boat. I know partys will occur and am fine with that aspect but if thats all its about then I am not sure how comfortable I am with that. Also
Do you all think that we will all enjoy the Carnival Victory adults and kids? Or should we maybe just do the Royal boat.

Sorry about all the questions we are just really concerned we want to make sure this is enjoyable for everyone.

Thank You