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Ok guys this is the deal i am the orignal poster of this forum. It wasn't just because we missed a port of call. You are wrong that the boat don't make money. Just think what they make just off the casino and drinks that they wouldn't have made without missing that port. Second the food was awful. Taco Bell would have been a step up. Well all i've to say is i could have went to VEGAS and had alot more fun for the money we spent on this cruise. At least in vegas you don't have to pay a %15 gratuity for a bottle of water that i got up and got myself. Besides they fail to mention the %15 on all beverages when telling you that grauities are $10.00 a day they never specify that is just for housekeeping. And speaking on gratuity i thought that was for good service. A server dumped drinks on us while on the deck and all we got was sorry. Anyway it was the worse vacation we've ever had. We'll take our money to vegas at least we have a choice there.