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Originally posted by LisaP:
Originally posted by Ron Clark:
It would be a poor shipyard if it couldn't better the time of refurbishing the SS Norway.
Ron, you're comparing the addition of a few dozen cabins to an existing indoor promenade deck to creating/rebuilding all the interiors of an entire ship.
Even without considering the work needed to the engines, there is no way SSUS' interiors can be created in just a few months.

The original question was about getting the existing steam engines operational again, not the entire ship.

I agree, it will take much longer to refurbish the entire ship, and I believe it can be done is less time than it took to refurbish the SS Norway. Prefabrication techniques are much more advance today than they were in 1979.

Don't forget, waste handling systems, air conditioning systems, and more electric generation will probably be required to power these extra systems needed by ships sailing today.

Could be done and how long it will actually take, is two different things.
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