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I will let you in on a well-tried secret of those who love to do transatlantics. We do two a year (spring and fall) and love the cruises. But a big advantage of doing two is that we can buy round trip air to Europe (back in the spring and over in the fall) and save a bundle of money. As an example, this past April we cruised from Ft Lauderdale to Civitavecchia (Rome) on the Grand Princess (20 days), spent a few weeks driving around Italy and than flew back to Phila from Rome. In late Sept we are flying from Phila to Venice to pick-up the Emerald Princess cruise back to Ft Lauderdale. We were able to get a round trip ticket (from Rome and back to Venice) for about $800, and these are both non-stop flights. One major advantage of doing our own air (besides saving big bucks over cruise/air fares) is that we can choose our flights and allow ourselves as much time as we please in Europe.