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I went mainly for the snorkeling and was not told that the place was destroyed until after I paid...the website claimed extensive coral and 6 underwater statues all but 1 statue and 1 small coral head were gone...i snorkeled the whole roped off area and only saw a starfish, a ray, and a few fish near the one chunk of remaining coral. the above ground features were thoroughly destroyed as well, at that time the dolphins were gone, the nature walk with replica mayan statues was gone...nothing was left except the beach with chairs and hammocks, a beer hut with no corona and $3 beer prices, and snorkel rental booths where a worker confided that all the near shore reef was destroyed and the only worthwhile snorkeling was offshore and required a boat excursion. we went back to the ship feeling disappointed and ripped off...i joined this forum to vent my outrage and i hope nobody was ripped off like we were almost a year after the hurricane. They may have gotten new dolphins and rebuilt the shacks out there but the underwater damage will take years to if you want to snorkel take a boat excursion...if you want an overpriced beach that will rip you off given the chance...go for it...then post how it went.