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Originally posted by IslandCruz:
Jim, They port the "Majesty" close by me down at Charleston. I have been thinking of giving it a try since is so close. Is it the same type of ship? Waiting for a Bahama run as I don't want to do Bermuda on a small ship and cruise line I am not familiar with. IslandCruz
While there are newer and larger ships sailing to Bermuda, they all stop at King's Wharf, a long ways away from Hamilton and St. George. If you wish to dock in St. George, the ship has to be less than 700 feet long, and the port in Hamilton doesn't dock ships much larger either.

So if you wish to see Bermuda based from Haimilton or St. George, you have to take a small cruise ship. Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and NCL sail their oldest and smallest ships to Bermuda best ports. Everyone and everything else docks at King's Wharf.

The Majesty's accomodiations are similiar to the Dream's, but they are not sister ships or look like one another. The Dream's sister ship is the Wind. The Majesty stand alone.

A cruise to Bermuda on these smaller ships should be about visiting Bermuda, not sailing on the biggest and grandest cruise ship. whichever cruise you decide to take, have a great one.