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MAJ. Woody,
The self-service laundry I was referring to is the SAME as your request for a room with an iron per deck. Actually, on most cruise lines that offer a self-service laundry - it is the ironing option that is used most frequently. The hair dryers RC provides are ones that are not a fire hazard, as they have a power button that must be held down the whole time or it shuts off. Granted people can bring their own hair dryers which can be considered a fire hazard. However, the difference is one does not leave their hair dryer running when not in use. Irons ARE left on, thus their definition of a fire hazard. Please do not misinterpret my message. I agree that RC's policy is a form of price gouging (when they don't offer a self-service option). I just wanted to identify the reasoning behind NO irons in the cabin. On another note, if the ship sold "wrinkle free" spray for sale in the ship's store, you could interpret that as another form of price gouging (much cheaper to bring your own).

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