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We just got back from our cruise yesterday and we chose the Zip Line in PV. Our group ranged from 8 (my daughter) to about 60 and we all had a blast! I do have to admit that being afraid of heights...I was scared. The zip lines didnt scare me at all, though I'm not sure why since they were WAY up there. Maybe because our guides made me feel secure once they hooked us up to the line. The part that had my knees shaking was standing on the platforms between the lines. Once you zipped down the line, you had to wait on a platform for some of the others, and until one of the guides could zip ahead the to next platform to unhook you once you got there. The platforms were only wide enough for one person to stand, so we all had to kind of stand around the tree and wait. There were no rails...just straight down! There was a rope around the tree which is what they hooked our safety line to. I think I would have been less scared if my daughter had not been with me. I was more afraid of her falling off of the platform than anything else...but she wasnt scared at all. All that being said, I'm glad I did it. Our guides were awesome and they made our adventure unforgettable!!!