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Thanks to everyone for your advice. I agree completely with all of your points.

We were looking at the Alaskan Inside Passage.

I am not paying for this cruise. I live in Toronto and my mom lives in Vancouver, I was already planning on taking a trip out to see her with my new son and spend a couple weeks hanging out. My mom has offered to treat us along with my Grandmother and possibly my sister and her son (5 years old) may join aswell.

So, the cruise is really just something nice my mom wants to do for the family to spend time together since we are spread out across the country normally and don't all get together very often.

I am prepared that I won't be seeing much entertainment, nightlife and may be doing a bit more ordering in than I would normally, but I am just looking forward to checking out the scenery and relaxing (well as much as I can with my 8 month old!)

I will get is cleared with my family doctor, that hadn't occurred to me before.

Thanks again for everyone's input.