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Originally posted by matkanmich:
Ok, I just have ot say that the idea of paying for a cruise which includes a wonderful meal in the diningroom only to spend an additional $20 per person to eat at chops or portofino is a waste of money. Been on 7 cruises and the thought of spending money at those dining options is kind of like paying for a meal twice. Save your money and use it some place else.
matkanmich- I guess we're in the minority when it comes to the specialty restaurant charges. I also cannot see paying the extra charge when the food in the dining room is fine. I can spend my $40 at home & get a great meal anytime so why spend it on the ship when a great meal that's already been paid for is waiting for you. I've never had the extra money to spend on luxuries like that at home so why spend it on a cruise ship?
I will admit I've never heard any complaints from the people that do spend the extra.