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I am also in N.C, what part are you in? I would highly recommend you change that flight. It is better safe than sorry and the airlines are getting horrible at being on time. Worse yet, you might arrive and none of your luggage get there. I don't mean to worry you more, but instead, give you some advice from past experience. We have our flights booked from Charlotte direct to Miami. There are a few from Greensboro and Raleigh that are direct into Ft. Lauderdale I believe. We always fly down the day before but if I had to arrive the day of the cruise, I would want an early flight, something that arrived by 9 or 10 am. Sometimes, those arrival times get pushed back in a hurry and with you arriving at 1:45, you are pushing it. That only leaves you slightly over 3 hours till the ship leaves. You most likely need to be onboard at least 30 minutes, if not longer, prior to departure. Now, you are down to less than 3 hours. Throw in an hour getting your luggage and transportation to the terminal and you can see that you are rapidly running out of time. ANYTHING can happen to cause an airline to delay or cancel a flight. It will cost you $50 now to change your ticket but I would highly consider it. Remember this, if you miss the ship, it will be you that will be broken hearted and the TA will just say they are sorry. I would seriously rethink these plans.

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