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dr.j I'm also sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. I have never sailed on the Regal Princess and have honestly avoided her after talking to others and reading their comments. There are some people that do like the Regal as f-Mattox says he does but many would not sail on her a second time.

We have used Princess air but always have paid the little extra to do an "air deviation" where we have chosen our own flights. I believe what you experienced can happen when booking cruise air with any cruise line. I have read complaints about cruise air with them all.

It is not just the cruise lines that book flights with short connection times. I booked air recently to Copenhagen and had to be extremely persistant to get the flights I wanted. The flights were booked online and then Delta canceled flights and rebooked unacceptable ones. When I called they kept insisting that there was plenty of time to make connections but I said I wanted a longer layover and finally got the flights I wanted.

In hind sight when you saw the flights you had been given your TA, or you if you booked directly with Princess, should have had them changed.

Cruise lines only have a certain air class that they can book for the price you are paying for the air portion of your cruise. If acceptable flights are not available in the booking class you will have to pay the difference to change to these flights. This is not unlike booking air directly with the airlines. If you go to any of their web sites and search flights by schedule rather than price you will frequently find that those with more connection, poor times, less direct routes and close connections are the cheaper flights.

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