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I enjoyed the drink coupons with Carnival. I liked just handing a coupon to the server and them bringing my drink back without having to add that to my sign and sail account! Being able to bring on a bottle of wine helped too, as that cut down my bar tab! I don't drink a lot but I liked saving money! I have heard that people sneak stuff in their luggage too. I felt like it wasn't worth the trouble of getting caught and possibly not being able to board the ship! How embarrasing would that be! Like I said, the differences are not enough to disapponit us and we are very excited about trying a new cruise line. I found that Carnival was kid friendly, however I could not hardly ever get into the hottub without a thousand (it seemed!) kids in it at the same time! Looking forward to this adventure!

And thanks again for your quick replys, Dave and everyone!

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