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Just remember, you can go and cancel the $10 a day tip...and then tip who want to tip and how much you want.....

Berick, that is no longer the case with NCL. Their policy is the tips will be automatic. They will not allow you to address it at the end or dispute the tips at the end. If you have a problem onboard you are to report it then and there and give them the opportunity to correct it for you. If they do not they will then and only then even consider the posibilty of adjusting grats. I was just forced recently into one of those conference room training things with their big wigs to discuss some other topics and this new policy was addressed.

I may be only money but the drink prices stated by the OP are not in line or competitive with other lines. Nor is the level of product hawking. If they're becoming this aggressive in the approach I believe the summary he provided may be accurate. It not the first time I've heard such a report from clients. It is also not the norm. If they're trying this on some sailings to experiment (I'm guessing now and have no facts on it) with ways to increase revenue I believe as the OP did that it will backfire in the long run.

Cheers, Neil