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I sailed on the Millennium in May of this year and have wrote in with my experiences. First I want to say I find Cruise Fanatic's statement offensive. Isn't one of the purposes of this forum to discuss our experiences. I wish I had researched the ship more before I left. I would have still sailed but would have been prepared. I would have known small things that do not ruin a cruise, but are part of the experience, such as their thallosotherapy has a maintenance issue. I should have worn a disposable bathing suit. I read on another website's forum after our return that this has been a problem with other passengers. Someone described it as a possible grout problem. It left a white substance imbedded in my suit bottom, which looked like white lines. The wear and tear on the ship did not affect our cruise. Our stateroom was excellent. We had some service issues, but not something likely to occur frequently. Their laundry room spilled bleach on a bag of my clothing. I do not classify stating facts as whining, more so educating. If I had the chance to sail the Millennium again I would do so only if it was an itenarary that exceeded what other ships may offer. But this is only my opinion and we are all entitled to one. Best wishes for your future cruise.