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We're traveling with my sister (aged 75), who has never been on a cruise. I have been telling her about how we will be getting dressed up and going to a "formal night" dinner. She loves getting "dressed up". Also, she can't wait to get her formal picture taken before dinner!

I also said that she'd have another opportunity to get spiffy when we go to a "specialty" restaurant. She thought that was exciting and is already shopping for the new dresses she wants to buy.

It would not be a disaster if I booked Portofinos on the same night as formal night, but I just think she'd be disappointed about missing out on one of those experiences.

I'm trying hard to to make it a perfect cruise for my sister and cousin (who will also be joining us). My wife said I'm going to be a nervous wreck worrying about all of these details and won't relax enough to enjoy the cruise. After all, it is supposed to be MY vacation, too.

So much for relaxed cruising as a group, when you're the one "in charge"...