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Oh I almost forgot. I have a few recomendations to folks that need help with fun and reservations...

Cruise fun director (I forget his real title) Que from South Africa. This man made us laugh so much it was exceptional. Spent many a night with us at the several bars and activities they have. Even picked up a few rounds. I forget his last name but trust me you cant miss him. About 6 foot and a bald head that looks like a Que Ball This man came from Holland America and this was his first cruise with NCL he is on a 9 month contract so he will be there for upcoming cruises.

Mary the matri' dee at La Bestrio. This lady went well beyond expectations. We booked a 7:30 reservation and at around 5:30 we had a ship board announcment to contact her via phone or in person. We promptly called and were told that due to high voloume would we like an 8:30 reservation for a more intate experince. We agreed and were extremly surprised to find her awaiting us by name without us even having to say it. After the dinner we asked to have the same reservation the next day (last day of sailing) she said she would try but that it was booked solid. Next day we got a call at 4pm and were told we had the resrvation. This is the excellent service I was hoping for.

Have a problem? See Shelly at the main desk. This lady solved a few glitches for us, speciffically the Spa booking problem and actually walked us up to the spa and talked with the manager there to resolve our issues. We also had a few billing problems (returned specialty cups and such) that showed on our bill. Without question she removed them. Again amazing customer service.

There was another women at the excursions desk whose name I do not remeber that helped us with our prebooked scuba excursion. She was from Austria and a blond. Works the desk all the time. Very pleasant to work with.

There are many many folks aboard in various areas and services that were exceptional. It seemed most of the folks were willing to help and or be personable as long as you just treated them well. Not tipping wise but as a person. Just a nice hello how are you made them smile and it seemed the service improved. I guess servicing 2500 passengers they feel neglected.

We had many waiters and waitresses that were the same day to day and remebered us always.

We didnt have one issue that ruined our vacation and not many to speak of that were above what would happen anywhere.

Again we enjoyed this cruise and would recomened it to anyone. Just remeber you get out what you put in.