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Hey folks. As I promised I am back from my vacation and here is what I thought of it...

I took the Spirit from NYC to Bermuda to Tortola to St. Thomas Back to NYC. 8 days most of them at sea. We were in cabin 8502 which is port side (left side) right above the E in the name. Cabin was a nice size. It fit two people well and we pushed the two beds together which added some extra room. The bathroom fit me well (couldnt lounge out) but big enough to fit me comfotably ( 6'2" 260lbs so you get the idea) The bathroom also had a hair dryer built in which was enough for the little lady to dry her hair each day with. There was also a plug in the bathroom for electric shavers (American outlet style). The shower was big enough for me to move around comfotably but i would say its a large shower. The room also had a nice large closet with ample shelf space and a safe which we used religously and is free. The TV wasnt big but enough to enough. Chanels 2 and 3 were ship chanels. 2 shows the foward facing camera and 3 is a report from the brifge showing where you are, wind speed, wind direction, sea state that sort of stuff. Then there is channels 4 and 5 which are free movie channels. The line up on our cruise was as follows Pirates Of The Carribean 2, The Guardian, Mona Lisa's Smile, The Da Vinci Code, Over The Hedge, and several more that I cant remeber off hand. We also had CNN and TNT channels. There are also a few more channels that show resturant menus, show scheduls and other onboard things.

The resturants.. We tried them all. Our favorite by far was La Bestrio which was a french styled resturant and I must say after going 2 times we basically tried the whole menu minus the desserts. The food was rich and filling. Recomendations: Boston Hearts Salad, mixed greens with a honey dejon dressing; Esscrgott, snails out of shell in a garlic champaine sauce; Mussels, in shell drenched in a cream sauce; Onion soup, enough said there ; Steak and Ribs, I forget the actual menu name which was french but these are pulled pork ribs and a small filet minon; Bake Atlantic Salmon, in a champaine sauce over spinach and asparagus. The desert menu was large although all we tried was the creme brulie. Cover charge is 15 dollars
Shogun.. Asain themed. Both cooked and sushi on the menu. Food was excellent and we tried a little of each. Little lady tried the sushi which I am not a big fan of but she said it was excellent. I had the asian fairs and must say was delistious. Cover charge 10 for the asian menu 15 for the sushi.
Cagney's.. American Stake House. Here was a problem.. Food was excellent service was poor. I ordered a single glass of wine at the start of the meal after asking for it 5 times I recived it at dessert. Their explination... had to find the wine? Beyond that I would say try it but be prepared. Cover Charge 20 dollars.
Windows.. Menu Style Resturant.. Each day the menu changes and it is a 5 course meal. Food was great and we ate there 2 days. No Cover Charge
Garden Room.. Sam,e as Windows.. No Cover Charge.
Buffet.. well its ok but we stuck to the pool side fairs which changed each day and seemed a better quality.
Room Service.. Free Of Charge 24 hours a day. Limited menu but is excellent food late at night.

Shows.. Excellent.. we seen a few not all of them but what we did see was amazing. All are free and drinks can be ordered before hand. There are 5 tables right up front of the stage that say reserved. Just go up to one of the waiters and ask to sit there you will need to by a drink or two but thats it. Great seats for a simple drink order.

Casino.. VERY LIMITED. Roulette 2 tables, Texas Hold'em 2 tables, 3 card 2 tables, Black Jack 4 tables, Let It Ride 1 Table. Various slot machines but not many. Slots are tight with very little payouts. Tables are good but depends on the dealers.

Drinks are ok. Run around 6 dollars each with gratuity added. There are several days where they have tastings; beer, martini and margaritas. Here you pay 20 bucks per person and recive 7 diffrent drinks. Pretty good for the price.

Kids activities.. as I do not have a kid I can only coment on what I had heard. Everyone said its excellent child care. They have things for the young ones all the way to teenagers. They have there own seperate pool which is more like a water park then anything else.

Service. I would rate this as good. Some service was above and beyond excellent and some was fair. The only complaint we had was with the spa staff. I had prebooked a spa treatment for the little lady and myself. I went to book and appointment and was looked at as a leeper. They were obnoxious and not willing to help. I need to get the Hotel Manager and Spa Manager involved to get any kind of service.

Ok to the islands..
Bermuda. Great little island. Do Not expect tropical paradise as the island is even with the North Carolina border. Tempos were in the upper 60s and water was 65. We left the ship and justy bought a bus pass. 12 dollars per person and comes with a schedual that is both laid out well and easy to follow. This was our excursion. Horseshoe Bay (pink sandy beachs) off to Hamilton (shoping and a bite to eat) then jump on the ferry (included in the buss pass) across the bay back to the Naval Dock Yard. Eat at the bonefish grill which had excellent light fair and bar.
Tortolla.. here we did the dolphin swim. Excellent experience. If you love dolphins THIS is something you do not want to miss. We were in life jackets and in the water the whole time with them. Petting, playing and riding on them. After this experience we went back to the ship and did a little shopping in the local mall. About a 3 minute walk away from the ship.
St. Thomas.. here we went scuba diving and afterwards took a long rainy drive back to the ship. We were already wet so it didnt matter but it was raining so hard we just stood aboard ship and went to the resturants and bars.

My overall impression. I liked the cruise. Being my first I have nothing else to compare it too but must say I was impressed. I left with no expectations and built my impression day by day. I would do it again with NCL and as a final word... A cruise is only as good as YOU make it. The staff does there job and if you want more you must ask for it.

I will post pictures once I get them all developed to CD and downloaded.

Thank You Everyone that made recomendations and suggestions. I used them and they worked.

Thank You Agian for making this a great cruise.