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The only excursion I did last week was this one. I have to say that it was truly worth the money, especially since I was travelling alone. We left right from the dock shortly after we arrived in port. The first stop was turtle cove on Buck Island. We saw literally dozens of sea turtles. THere is also a reef there, but honestly it's been damaged by over use. It was still pretty, but you could see lots of broken coral.
We spent about an hour there, and then sailed over to Water Island. On the way we were served painkillers and beer and/or soda.
At water island they had a buffet lunch set up for us with salads and pasta salad and chicken and ribs. It was a beautiful empty beach with clear water and a raft. We saw a couple rays over there, but they wouldn't allow those who had been drinking to snorkel.
We arrived back at the ship just a half hour before it sailed.
The crew was amazing. They had everyone talking to each other and had the kids trimming the sails. I would highly recommend it if you're a snorkel buff.

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