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I am new at this site and find it quite interesting. I wish I knew about this before we started cruising 7 years ago. I just had an experience with Travel Guard Insurance Company. We were suppose to fly from JFK in NY non stop to Rome for our first Mediterrean Cruise on Carnival Freedom. Unfortunately we were flying out the night before our cruise and was suppose to land in Rome 11:20am the day of the cruise. Unfortunately the truck that loads the cargo onto our airplane hit the door of the plane. Needless to say our flight was cancelled. I called Carnival from the airport and got a very nice woman on the telephone and explained what had happened. When other passengers heard I was on the phone with Carnival, they were giving me their booking numbers also. Carnival was well aware that there was a lot of people missing the ship in Rome. Come to find out there was 58 of us that were suppose to go on Carnival Freedom. Alitala put us up in the Ramada Inn over night. The next day we all went back to the airport to see what was going on. Around 4pm they said 40 of us were being bused to Newark, N.J. airport to fly to Paris on Air France we had to switch planes and go to Naples. The other 18 people flew on other airlines and met us in Paris go get aboard the plane to Naples.
We all missed Rome, and the excursions that were booked in Naples because we didn't board the ship until 2:30pm - 3:00pm the next day. As if that wasn't bad enough, Carnival didn't have any transportation for us to get to the ship even though they were notified that there was a lot of us on that flight. IT cost us 50 Euro's to get to the ship from the airport.
Now lets get back to Travel Guard. They said because the truck hit the airplane we won't be covered, but I have to get a letter from Alitalia explaining why the trip was cancelled. Alitalia wants the boarding passes and alot of other information to put in a complaint letter. We also had travel guard assistance on our policy, in which I didn't know what it was at the time. I had called Travel Guard to let them know the situation and she didn't assist me in anyway. I hope this helps.
Sorry to taking up so much time, but I want people to know what to expect. Also Travel Guard said that with the insurance you have to pay for everything and put in a claim for the money to be returned to you. So make sure you find out all the in's and out's. Good Luck.
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